How Do You Look On Google ?      

When someone does a "GOOGLE" search on your name, what do they see?  

Your on-line reputation is something that becomes more and more important this day and age.  Everyone uses the internet and you need to make sure that your on-line or digital footprint is a positive one. The Camelback Group is a team of private consultants dedicated to improving the on-line reputations of our clients.

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We are speaking from experience because there are members of our team that have had severe on-line troubles including legal issues and court battles. Whether you are a victim of lawsuits, criminal prosecution or the target of fault finders, we can help.

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Reputation Repair - The Camelback Group helps portray our clients in a more positive light. The goal is to make sure that only positive things are showing up in the search results on Google.  This process is time consuming and challenging.  Our firm handles the details of reputation repair, personal public relations and SEO for individuals and companies.  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is not a bag of tricks or manipulation, it takes a commitment on the part of the Client and patience but it is worth the effort.